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Making bookkeeping a true profession

It’d be nice to know the people doing your books (if not in-house) are credible, work to a recognised standard and you have some redress if something goes wrong.

In many countries such as Australia, bookkeeping is now recognised as a true profession. In New Zealand bookkeepers don’t have this status which is why we’re thrilled to hear about the newly established New Zealand Bookkeeping Association Inc (NZBAI) which represents suitably experienced and qualified bookkeepers. At Xero it’s important to be able to work with professional bodies as we develop Xero further and our customer pool widens.

One of the driving forces behind setting up NZBAI is Xero Partner and Trainer, Melanie Morris.

“With the shift in technology we aim to build the relationships between bookkeepers and accountants by providing collaboration on data and acting as interpreters between the client and accountant for the benefit of everyone.” Melanie Morris

Through NZBAI, bookkeepers can look forward to support across a broad range of  issues including indemnity insurance. Education is also a strong focus and in time once standards are developed and approved, bookkeepers will be able to complete a certification process.

For small businesses that use bookkeeping services this will lead to better protection. Certification should make choosing a bookkeeper less hit and miss.


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1 September 2010 #

Love your work Melanie in setting up NZBAI. The collaboration between bookkeeper, client and their accountant is where the future lies in my opinion. Well done!

2 September 2010 #

Thank you Justin. Future looks very bright for Bookkeepers !

Bookkeeping Software
8 September 2010 #

Providing innovative solutions to clients’ requirements for bookkeeping and Accounting Services will give you a sudden growth.

28 January 2011 #

There is a mention of the newly established NZ bookkeeping association, is there a particular Australian bookkeeping association that has stood out from the rest? Or is it worthwhile to be a part of more than the one association?

Wayne Schmidt
1 February 2011 #

@Karla – I would look at both the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and also the Association of Accounting Technicians

Katalyst Office Management
19 August 2011 #

It was great to see the NZBAI moving ahead at the Auckland meeting this week. I am pleased to see other top Xero Bookkeepers there supporting and being a part of the organisation too.

Justin, accountants like you make it a pleasure to be a bookkeeper with working relationships that support clients to achieve their business goals.

Great work Melanie!

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