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DonorTec partners with Xero

We’re often asked if we support a certain cause or charity. We don’t as such, but we do support the nonprofit sector by providing a discount on subscriptions to Xero. Not only do we value what they’re doing, but we also think Xero can make it much easier to do the books for many of these organisations.

Late last year we partnered with TechSoup to provide Xero at a discount to the nonprofit sector in New Zealand and we’re now pleased to announce that this arrangement has been extended to Australia through the DonorTec program. This is provided by Connecting Up Australia, the local partner of US based TechSoup Global, which is a worldwide network of individuals and organisations that believe technology is a powerful enabler for social change.

Connecting Up Australia manages the technology donation program from companies such as Microsoft and Cisco for the benefit of qualified nonprofit organisations around Australia. Xero is now part of the line up of leading technology products and resources being offered to the nonprofit and charity sector.

In Australia the nonprofit and charity sector includes in excess of 700,000 organisations. Connecting Up CEO Doug Jacquier says over the past three years, the DonorTec program has saved Australian charities and nonprofits more than $80 million on their IT costs.

“We are constantly being asked about adding quality accounting products to the offerings available via DonorTec.  So, after pioneering our relationship with Xero via TechSoup New Zealand, we are delighted to now be able to offer uniquely discounted Xero online accounting services in Australia via the DonorTec program. With a rapidly growing customer base in small business, we recommend Australian nonprofits take a serious look at Xero when next assessing their accounting needs.”

Eligible organisations registered with DonorTec just need to login to DonorTec and click the Xero sign-up link to get a 25% discount on their first organisation subscription.


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27 August 2010 #

Hi Guys – have you got a UK equivalent of this in the pipeline ? – I am currently in the process of moving my son’s pre-school accounts to Xero from Sage – some price reduction would really help a small not for profit run by volunteers. The SAAS model fits perfectly – the discount talked about in Aus and NZ would really help. Could be a good market for Xero.



Helen Matterson
13 September 2010 #

Hi Mat there is no equivalent in the UK as yet but we hope in time to be able to extend this partnership to other countries in the TechSoup Global group. Getting feedback like yours certainly helps!


Dave Leslie
8 May 2012 #

Hi, I realise that this is now quite an old blog post, but I’ve just started looking at Xero as a possible solution for a start-up community not-for-profit organisation.
For a different organisation, well-established and a registered charity, I have used the services of CTX, which in the UK collaborates with TechSoup to bring software and technology within reach of UK charities – see
– any chance?

5 July 2012 #

Are you still linked to DonorTec? I tried to find Xero on their site but I can’t. Can you please let us know if you are still partnered with them because we are registered with them and would love to sign up with you to integrate our CRM system etc with you.

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