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There are lots of exciting new online applications being developed to help small businesses. This is a continuation of the ‘best of breed’ model [we discussed earlier] where small businesses are given access to very sophisticated but easy to use business applications. They get to choose a tailored range of online solutions to fit their needs, rather than having to buy an expensive, old-fashioned desktop system that doesn’t quite fit the bill.

We’re enjoying working with Letstrade as they launch their new Sales Order Processing solution. This is a powerful sales, procurement and inventory solution for small to medium sized businesses. It suits a wide range of businesses including wholesalers, importers/exporters and franchises. The people behind Letstrade are ERP experts with a long history in this space. It’s great to see them take that experience and do some new fun things on the web, like ‘Trade Crumbs’.

Tradecrumbs bar from Letstrade

Letstrade is in the final stages of development and inviting Xero customers to try it out for free during the beta period. We think Letstrade is a fantastic solution for any business that needs to account for stock movements and it integrates with Xero so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of re-entering data from one solution to another.

Have a look at this video overview:

This is another of the new generation of sophisticated solutions being released that connect with Xero. Exciting times!


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25 August 2010 #

Looks great – it’s amazing how a good UI can make such a difference!

David Kime
26 August 2010 #

This is exactly what I have been looking for to fit one of my clients – when is it going to be available in the UK?

John Clarke
26 August 2010 #

Hi David we would love to hear more about your requirements and let’s see if we are able to work with you right now. Letstrade is a global solution and wherever Xero users are located, we will be there.

Matt Alsbury-Morris
26 August 2010 #

This puts together near enough all of my asks in one good looking package. I just hope that it comes to the UK very soon!

Margaret Holmes
26 August 2010 #

This looks like a great option for several of our clients and easy to use.

Letstrade Team
26 August 2010 #

We are on track to launch our international version of Letstrade before the end of this year. Thank you for comments on our UI; our team has put in a huge effort here. We appreciate your complimentary feedback!

Omar Kassim
29 August 2010 #

Wow – this looks like something we’ve been waiting for, for a long time! Just emailed the team, hope we can have access to the beta soon!

Letstrade Team
30 August 2010 #

Thanks Omar, check your email for our response. We are thrilled to see that Xero works so well for customers around the globe. Global trading will definitely be a key area of business for Letstrade and we look forward to working with you.

1 February 2012 #

can anyone tell me what has happened with letstrade? I am looking for such a solution and the other products associated with zero are less than suitable.

Tony Rule
8 February 2012 #

@Andrew – Letstrade is now Tradevine. You can find more about how Tradevine works with Xero from the following links –

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