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Xero Personal release

Posted 8 years ago in Product by Adam Moore
Posted by Adam Moore

Today we released our first set of regular feature enhancements for Xero Personal. We had a number of things we needed to get done behind the scenes but you’ll see this release is heavily skewed to what you asked for.

This video gives you a good idea of the new things you can do:

Splits – Receiving so many responses on how you’d like splits to work has been really helpful in determining what would work for most people. The consensus was complete flexibility so you can split transactions into numerous categories – the idea being you get a more accurate picture of where your money is going.

Labels – These are a way of defining specific types of spending or income which are perhaps associated with an activity or event. Labels are also a good way to track  your spending across lots of categories.

Import Rules –  These rules determine how Xero Personal treats transactions. You get to set them and change them as often as you like. You can also flag transactions  To Review.

To Review – The  Guessed by Xero tab has been renamed To Review so the categories Xero guesses will appear under this heading along with other transactions from any payees which are flagged To Review.

For Wesabe users we have created an new import routine which will bring in your Wesabe transactions and tags. Have a look at the video on our earlier post for how this works. Or see Help.

You can find the full release notes here, including what’s coming soon.

We know there’s lots of anticipation out there to reveal how Xero Personal will mature. Rest assured we’ve got lots of things planned and we’ll also be fine tuning as we go. Already we’re well into our next release!


July 15, 2010 at 11.33 am

Fantastic – now I have no excuse for recording where all the cash goes! These new features are great and probably have me hooked but I hope you have better reporting features high on your to-do list too. I know from Xero Answers that there are quite a few of us looking for longer term tracking of data in an easy report. It’s all in the system if I search transactions – just need an easy way to get it out and view it all at once. I mostly would like month by month for each category (for the12 months and year to date) against an average for the year to date and against goals (budget). And now you have labels, some nice report of spending by label across categories would be great too. Keep up the great work!

Callum Mcleod
July 15, 2010 at 1.21 pm

So when will this be available for fans who aren’t BNZ customers or Business Xero users? I’d love to try this for my personal use but don’t want to bank with BNZ

July 15, 2010 at 2.17 pm

Excellent work guys, this is a great improvement. As a developer myself I know how hard it is to keep getting more and more request for features and keep the quality to the same standard. Well done to your developers, they have created an outstanding product!

One thing that seems to be missing though is the ability to change the effective date of the transactions. Any idea as to when this is coming?

Cheers, Dan

Sara Goepel
July 15, 2010 at 4.20 pm

@Karen- thank you and we will definitely look at reporting down the track. There are still a few key features we want to get done first before going down that route. Give us your ideas in Xero Answers so we have them when we start to look at this.

@Callum- It’s great to know you’re interested! But I’m afraid there’s no firm date at this stage for non BNZ or Xero customers.

@Dan- thanks. As for changing the transaction date, it’s not something we had planned just yet but as always we’re listening to feedback so it will be considered

July 15, 2010 at 4.25 pm

Thanks Sara. Most people who get paid at the end of the month, like myself, spend that money the following month. That means that when you look at your income vs expenditure screen, you would expect to see a positive figure based on the fact that you received an income on the 30th of last month, which gets used this month. However, in Xero the income on the 30th is reflected on the month you get it.

How do I get around this?

Sara Goepel
July 15, 2010 at 5.10 pm

@Dan- For goal tracking, you can set the start of your month to be the 28th. For Spending and Saving reporting, it’s all based on number of days (7, 14, 30, 90) so that should be okay. It’s really only the Income vs Expenses report that is set to a calendar month and there isn’t a work around for that at this stage.

Geoff Walker
July 15, 2010 at 10.42 pm

Hi. I have used MoneyMap and found it useful. The changes announced today will be good additions to the package. Two key areas I would like to see included in future releases [and the sooner the better 🙂 ]: 1) the ability to forecast, i.e. savings, expenditure, etc.. Further, include the ability to factor in increases/decreases, i.e. pay rises, inflation, etc. 2) A total financial view. By this I mean inclusion of shares (a direct feed to the NZX and ASX), term deposits and cash (, managed funds (Morningstar), house value, car, etc., to your bank account data. I currently undertake both 1 & 2 in a spreadsheet, and while it is easy to setup and run, it is time-consuming to update. Help Xero! Cheers. Geoff

July 20, 2010 at 1.34 am

Hi there. I think the new features seem to be worthwhile improvements. Xero personal is currently invoiced at $50/yr. As a resident of Australia, the overiding feature set I’d really value would be automated bank feeds, from my bank – CBA. Obviously this is already available on the business accounts, but I’d happily pay $100/yr, or even $250/yr if I could automate the transaction detail getting into my Xero personal account. Any ideas on whether Xero is flexible enough to help me part with more of my money to acheive this? Phil

Catherine Walker in reply to Phil Xero
July 20, 2010 at 5.08 pm

@Phil, there are no plans at this stage to have automated CBA bank feeds, but realise this is becoming an eagerly awaited feature so we’re progressing discussions with banks on direct feeds. We’ll provide updates as soon as we have any news and if you’d like to tell CBA about Xero Personal that might help!
Regards, Catherine

Ramsay Bell
July 27, 2010 at 10.03 am

I let my trial of Xero Personal expire because it has not reached what I need yet. Have the following been implemented yet. If so I will signup right away and probably a few other people I know as well:

-Multiple Currencies
-CSV Importing
-Bank Feeds – HSBC UK. Other large european banks e.g. Santander, BBVA etc?

Loz Moore
March 12, 2011 at 10.43 pm

Any updates on more reporting functionality and bank feeds?

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