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Xero + Partners is good

We’re starting to see the potential of the Xero Network Partner eco-system. Month on month we’re seeing more and more Xero customers embrace the growing number of add-ons and solutions from our partners. And they seem to like  them!

Sharesight and Xero Tweet

In the same way that we’ve seen our accounting partners embrace Xero, we’re seeing similar energy in the Xero Network ecosystem with established Xero Network partners like WorkflowMax doing wonders for many of our joint customers. Gavin George, from WorkflowMax says “Our users really love Xero with the integration between the two systems providing a perfect end-to-end business operational tool for small to medium service focused industries.”


To see start ups like MinuteDock take a category like Time Tracking and stamp their own flavour on it is equally impressive. Who would have picked 12 months ago that time tracking could be made fun again with no sign of their innovation slowing down. If you analysed this success you could point to a few reasons – perhaps it’s the exclusive focus on just Xero customers with an appetite for great usability or maybe it’s because these guys use Xero themselves every day and just built what they needed. There is a lot to be said for eating your own dog food.


One of our new Melbourne based partners, PayCycle started only after seeing the traction that Xero was getting and has become our fourth Payroll partner in Australia. They didn’t need to build an accounting system and could focus on their specialty in payroll.  Paycycle is another beautiful looking application and integrates fully with Xero.

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It’s still early days for our API but we now also have hundreds of individual Xero customers that are using our API for themselves to integrate their own in-house software with Xero. A rather vocal bunch (, we’re still learning how to get the balance right between the demands of improving our core feature set and extending our API to meet the needs of developers. We are listening though, and we have a heap of improvements on the way.

We have a number of new partners well advanced on stunning new applications that we’re looking forward to sharing with you over the next few weeks. You’ll be seeing a lot more of these …

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With the increasing demand from individual customers wanting to use our API we’re also seeing developers like Trineo, 3Bit and Connor Software building great expertise in creating custom solutions  for our customers.

We’re very interested to know what other vertical or specialty applications you’re missing.  Let us know your thoughts.


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Adrian Pearson
30 July 2010 #

From day one, I have wanted to integrate Ledgerscope, new software I am developing for accountants, with Xero.

Unfortunately, we cannot get the transaction data we need via your API in its current form. We only need read access.

The success of Xero means that more people will want to connect to it, and will want more data to be available via your API. When is version 3 of the API due?

Adam Cooek
31 July 2010 #

We have wanted to integrate with Xero since we started using it 18 months ago however the continued lack of any sort of Journal API has meant we can’t. I really can’t see how any serious users can integrate closely with any Xero accounts without this functionality – it’s been promised time and time again and never appears.

Ben Keehan
31 July 2010 #


I have a client that wants a stock management program that can intergrate with xero. Whats out there?

Tony Rule
31 July 2010 #

@Adrian, @Adam – appreciate the feedback – manual journal support and ability to get all historical journals is on the way – we’ll post samples of the endpoints on Uservoice in next few weeks which is a good indication they’ll be available really soon. As for API v3 that’s on the horizon but I can tell you the number of endpoints is going to more than double in the next few API releases

Tony Rule
31 July 2010 #

@Ben – see – Unleashed Solutions offers good scope of integration. We’re working closely with other too – so more options coming soon.

Anita Dobson
1 August 2010 #

@Ben visit for stock control, it is ‘visually easy’ like Xero and the guys there are great support

Venkatesh Raghu
2 August 2010 #

ePayroll customer are very happy that XERO can be integrated easily with the payroll software; ePayroll. Visit for more details.

Dylan de Szabo
2 August 2010 #

WEBPayroll has been using the API since version 1 with Xero. It is the main reason Xero customers use our payroll because of the integration.

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