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WikiJob uses Xero

WikiJob Graduate Jobs is the UK’s fastest growing graduate jobs website. It delivers several million pages a month worldwide and has a large number of bluechip clients, including banks, law firms and technology companies. Former accountant Chris Muktar set up the business in 2007 with Ed Mellett. Among other things, Chris is responsible for managing the day-to-day finances using Xero.

As our guest on the blog, Chris outlines WikiJob’s experience with Xero.

Before Xero, WikiJob didn’t have an accounting system beyond Excel. We shopped around QuickBooks, MYOB and Sage, but all of them were far too complicated, which meant a steep learning curve. Also, they needed to be installed on Windows which we don’t have.

I was recommended Xero by a friend. I was instantly attracted by the online hosting of Xero – far away in the cloud. Being delivered through the browser means I don’t have to worry about upgrades, backups or compatibility. We always have the latest version, and it works on all our computers, including Mac and Linux. What’s more, because it’s on the web, everybody can use it at the same time to raise invoices and file expenses in a distributed way. Even our accountant who works at her office can access it from afar.


After sorting out all of WikiJob’s old paperwork and bank statements, the transition was easy. As soon as we’d transferred over our old balances and outstanding invoices we were ready to go.

The benefits

Windows programs tend to break, and losing data is a regular occurrence for many people. We don’t have any of these problems. Because everybody can log in and use it, they can do their work without bothering me. We never had to set up any fancy network stuff or whatever- it all ‘just works’- which means we spend more time doing real work, and less time fighting software.

I admire Xero’s ease of use and focus on productivity. Automated bank reconciliation is a revolution that saves a lot of time. The invoices and statements it produces are first class, and create a great impression amongst our clients. Despite being a product of New Zealand, it has good support for the various UK VAT schemes, and is up to date with the latest developments.

Great vibe

Xero continually strives to improve the product, and has a focus on customer experience and satisfaction. The product’s strength is its simplicity, and extra features are added in such an elegant way that does not baffle the user. When I get in touch with Xero, my emails are responded to with great customer service, and even suggestions I’ve had in the past have made it into the product I now use.


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