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Xero VA-lidation

In recent months we have been lucky to attract a growing following of new Xero Partners among the UK Virtual Assistant community, and we are beginning to see VAs emerging as a dynamic professional category all over the world.

This new generation of web-savvy service providers offers a broad range of services from traditional bookkeeping services like helping with your accounts and credit control – hence the Xero connection – to taking care of travel arrangements and  answering your inbound sales calls. But they are also real entrepreneurs often with rich experiences to offer in a multitude of key business disciplines including marketing, web design, sales management, social media and search engine optimisation to name but a few.

Think less ‘assistant’ and more Swiss-army service provider. And an army they are.

So much so that this week we concluded that the VA community deserves its own Virtual Assistant category on our Xero Partner Directory; so that change went live today and we’ll be re-sorting existing Xero VAs into their new home over the coming days.

We get a lot of small businesses using the Xero Partner Directory to find Xero Partners; from accountants, bookkeepers, trainers to other solution providers, indeed it’s a key component of the value of becoming a Xero Partner.

So, if you’re a Xero VA then let us know if this change works for you, or if  you’d like to be included in our Directory, please email us at


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Adrienne Pierce
10 June 2010 #

Thanks Xero for recognising the Virtual Assistant’s place in the Universe. Smart has been in this market for seven years now and have franchised our system with five offices open throughout NZ and growing. As the old saying goes timing is everything and Xero has certainly moved our ‘virtual reality’ in leaps and bounds. The SME market has been at the mercy of paperwork and compliance forever but freedom has arrived. Fantastic work with the IRD – as an SME working with SME’s we thank you.
Yours in virtualness Adrienne Pierce

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