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Webrecs and Xero

Posted 8 years ago in Advisors by Tim Wright
Posted by Tim Wright

Every accountant is always looking for more efficient ways to help their clients manage their books.

Webrecs, the latest addition to the Xero Network, offers a solution for those who need to process high volumes of invoices for their clients. This eliminates the dreaded shoe-box and gives you real-time access to electronic copies of the client data. All your clients have to do is scan their documents and receipts to the Webrecs Document Management System for storage.

Webrecs makes it possible for you to view the receipts and documents in Excel and create invoices, which at the press of a button, are uploaded to Xero. Data entry is much easier because Webrecs copies the Xero Chart of Accounts, contacts and tax codes to Excel so you can accurately code the invoices. Too easy!

Watch this overview:


Alan Jones
June 29, 2010 at 11.39 pm

I recognise those chickens, and that coop! They’re from aren’t they? I recognise them because we have some in our backyard.

But I would have never thought of letting ours peck on an old keyboard! Nice touch. Do Accounts staff mind being compared to chickens? #justaskin

Earl Rudolfo
June 30, 2010 at 12.07 am

Hey Webrecs, what a great idea – very impressive! Just watched the video, But I’ll be sure to evaluate the application to see how it compliments my Xero services.

Bruce Doig
December 10, 2012 at 3.46 pm

Nice. Question for you. Not knowing much about Xero it may be a dumb question, but why is this only for AP Invoices ? What about an uploader for GL journals which would have to be the accountant’s #1 bugbear ? Does Xero already provide something for this ?

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