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Three weeks, 14 locations, a single ledger…

We made it! To say we’ve been overwhelmed with the feedback from both existing and prospective partners throughout the Xero+You roadshow would be an understatement. Every year we hear more and more partners telling us their stories of converting to Xero and the impact it has had on their clients and practice. This year we feel the accounting industry is really starting to deliver on the concept of collaborating regularly with clients in the same place.

The big news we’re hearing from our partners this time around is that we’ve nailed the single ledger. Partners can now rethink their existing desktop software platform. They have options – for clients as well as themselves. We’ve known the single ledger is the key to moving to a monthly relationship with clients, now our partners are telling us how they’re rolling this out. So it’s working! Bringing together accountant and client-side software is creating efficiencies as well as new opportunities to interact with clients. We saw many ecstatic fist pumps from partners who said they’d finally been able to write ‘that’ letter to MYOB now they don’t need AO.

The timing of the IRD announcement for GST changes during the first week of the roadshow validated the benefit of the SaaS model to everyone there. We got a lot of feedback on how excited everyone was that Xero would provide the tools to cope with the changes as well as communicate these to clients. The campaign offer to educate clients on the benefits of Xero was well received, with GST changes acting as a catalyst for accountants to make contact with clients and advise them of the upgrade to Xero – the last upgrade they’ll ever need.

It was also great to have our Gold Partners sharing their experiences on how the new breed of cloud solutions such as WorkflowMax, e360 and SmartPayroll, has helped streamline their practice and complement the move to Xero.


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Gillian Rossouw
26 June 2010 #

Xero Team and their fantastic presentations put together with their recent Road Show /Work Shop for Partners in New Zealand was worth loosing 6 days at the office in Australia. However, with laptop and Xero installed, I was still able to process clients work and reconcile bank accounts with the bank feeds coming in daily. Whilst in Christchurch received two global enquiries & one Xero installation, who have since signed up to Xero. Productivity was not lost, in fact gained more by having the experts from Xero staff on hand to source information and offer advice, which I in turn was able to email back support to my clients.

Such a pleasure to meet the accounting firms with their success stories and third party providers was what the Work Shop was what it was all about. Xero 2010 and beyond, listening and learning, gathering information to bring back to Australia to share with my fellow Xero Advisors & clients. Nelson & Christchurch’s workshops were packed with over 100 accounting firms and Xero Partners attending – Xero Team put together a truly inspiring presentation.

Philip Bridgen
27 June 2010 #

The Xero Road Show team all put on a polished, informative and encouraging show – as they always do! Thanks and appreciation to every one of you – Xero presentations represent some of the best time value around for accountants!

Asantha Wijeyeratne
29 June 2010 #

We made it too! Team Xero thanks so much for “taking us along for the ride”! It was great to meet with all those excited and eager accounting partners out there in the real world. It makes so much sense to work together so that users can have the ideal solution made up of the best of the cloud aps. Obviously Xero as the single ledger is the foundation that makes all of it possible.

We have been run off our feet following up on all the contacts we made on the road.

Thanks again for sharing the love

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