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Shawn Smith
11 March 2012 #

We’ve also got a great selection of pre-built Xero templates for all to use.

Tina Stevens
5 July 2012 #

I worked most of this out before watching the video – i just didn’t answer the questions I had on things I wanted to change on my docx. There needs to be something inbetween invoice branding and this.

9 July 2012 #

With which software I can customize templates?

19 July 2012 #

@samuel, as far as I know, you can only use MS word to do the templates

18 August 2012 #


First thanks to Shawn Smith for great template!

Secondly I want to replace flimsy blue link – pay now to something bigger. PAY NOW big red button. How I do it? I want this button to link to paypal. Can I put it whenever I want or it has to be in footer?

7 September 2012 #

ive been trying to change some of the fields in the tax part, where i want to only show the tax rate name and not the vale, but it keeps returning it as «TaxRateName» rather than the name, i used it through the merger field, but still does not show

25 February 2013 #

I am working on a Mac and having great trouble. It will only open as a preview and when I move over my image I can never create a file smaller enough for it to save?

29 August 2013 #

@Shawn, where would I find said pre-built Xero templates?

26 October 2013 #

is there a way to import an existing invoice template into xero. thanks

5 November 2013 #

hi there and @shaunsmith your website is down for zero plus one. I was looking for the templates?

5 February 2015 #

hi there, i need some urgent help here….i would like to customize the invoice with the subtotal for all items on the invoice…so far i can only use the default which subtotal on the cost…. please kindly advice…..

6 February 2015 #

@Peter – I’ve pinged our support team to get in touch to help you out here.

2 April 2015 #

Not an advert but Freshbooks Invoices are much much more professional. I have been looking at moving to that platform simply because the look and feel of the invoices are so much better. Please can you improve the invoice functionality and feel in Xero it is all people outside of Xero see of Xero and of our company and would it would be great if they were as professional as freshbooks!

8 April 2015 #

+1 request for improving the visual customisation options for invoices. The ‘view online’ invoice is passable but the exported pdf is horrendous, not good enough for me as a designer and I’m guessing many others that care about the details.

16 April 2015 #

We are in the automotive industry and transferred to Xero from Quickbooks. Honestly I am a little disappointed. Our invoices are struggling to cope with the information we need to supply on our Invoices and no simple way to add more information or customise. Now I have unprofessional invoices and little information how to make them better for use.

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