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Shawn Smith
11 March 2012 #

We’ve also got a great selection of pre-built Xero templates for all to use.

Tina Stevens
5 July 2012 #

I worked most of this out before watching the video – i just didn’t answer the questions I had on things I wanted to change on my docx. There needs to be something inbetween invoice branding and this.

9 July 2012 #

With which software I can customize templates?

19 July 2012 #

@samuel, as far as I know, you can only use MS word to do the templates

18 August 2012 #


First thanks to Shawn Smith for great template!

Secondly I want to replace flimsy blue link – pay now to something bigger. PAY NOW big red button. How I do it? I want this button to link to paypal. Can I put it whenever I want or it has to be in footer?

7 September 2012 #

ive been trying to change some of the fields in the tax part, where i want to only show the tax rate name and not the vale, but it keeps returning it as «TaxRateName» rather than the name, i used it through the merger field, but still does not show

25 February 2013 #

I am working on a Mac and having great trouble. It will only open as a preview and when I move over my image I can never create a file smaller enough for it to save?

29 August 2013 #

@Shawn, where would I find said pre-built Xero templates?

26 October 2013 #

is there a way to import an existing invoice template into xero. thanks

5 November 2013 #

hi there and @shaunsmith your website is down for zero plus one. I was looking for the templates?

5 February 2015 #

hi there, i need some urgent help here….i would like to customize the invoice with the subtotal for all items on the invoice…so far i can only use the default which subtotal on the cost…. please kindly advice…..

6 February 2015 #

@Peter – I’ve pinged our support team to get in touch to help you out here.

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