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Invoice Branding (1:03)


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Mark Lawton
30 June 2010 #

This will be great for companies who export and who may have different payment requirements or bank accounts for each region they export to. It will also be great when you want your statements to have a different format than your invoices ie when you may print your invoices on letterhead and email your statements.

It is great to see Xero keeping up their product development and adding functions that are well thought out and have a wide application. Keep it up guys!

30 June 2010 #

I love the new invoice / statement branding. I have already made up an “Overdue Statement” file and used it with one of my clients!

Dane Mitchell
30 June 2010 #

Not really giving us much here. What about a little more access to the layout? Even being able to add weight to the headings, company name etc would be nice. And – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reduce the compression on the logo!!!

In an ideal world I’d like to be able to upload a custom template a la Campaign Monitor – maybe via the API for web designers at least?

30 June 2010 #

Easier? Not sure that was the right wording. This does add a little complexity to the workflow, but it was a sorely needed feature so congrats guys! Another big, high quality, step!

Brendyn Montgomery
30 June 2010 #

Absolutely great to see it get this far but – give us a html based email template scheme – I would love to create them for me and offer those services to others….

Matt Alsbury-Morris
1 July 2010 #

This is great for those of us with more than one trading name… means we can personalise the invoices dependent upon the division as well as being able to track the costs/sales separately. another job well done Xero!

Andrew Tokeley
1 July 2010 #

Thanks for the comments guys nice to hear it’s going to help.

We are planning a future release that will give you even more control over the layout of your invoices. Essentially you get to build a template from scratch, upload this into Xero, and we’ll do a sort of “mail merge” to produce the PDF – hoping to have something released later in the year.

13 July 2010 #

Are there/will there be options to choose different font/size/colour for different lines within the ‘Terms & Payment Advice’ box.

Andrew Tokeley
13 July 2010 #

@Sandra – Yes – kind of. As mentioned above In the next update to Invoice Branding (later in the year) you will be able to create your own custom templates into which a existing Branding Theme settings (titles, terms, invoice details…) can be merged. This would mean that if you merged the Terms into your template they would be formatted as a single blob of text. However, if you wanted to provide different formatting within your terms you would could create a specific template that contained the formatted terms within it and ignore the terms defined in the Invoice Branding Theme.

Alternatively, you could merge the standard terms from your invoice settings into your custom template and then, within the template itself, add additional information using different formatting.

That was actually way harder to explain than I thought – make sense?

Ashley Hart
27 August 2010 #

This is one of my most hoped for features. It would be fantastic to be able to have control of the design.

Maybe having access to the CSS, or uploading a PDF would be a big help, as currently there is very little to work with.

I know that Invoice CSS options are available with:
and I think uses the PDF option.

So it will be great to see Xero having custom invoice layout options for better branding. :)

Matt Hyde
3 December 2010 #

Are we any closer to that ‘future release’ which is set to give us more control over the design and layout of invoices.

Andrew Tokeley
3 December 2010 #

Yes – while I would never promise anything, Santa has heard you.

18 February 2011 #

I am wondering if there is any way I could print the “Tracking” Option on the invoices being sent to clients. We are as school, and we are hoping to use this field in the invoices to use as student name. This way, we can track each individual student, and select the name when creating the invoice. However, we would also want to print this information in the invoice itself.
I tried to input <> in the .docx template, put its not recognised. Does anyone know if what I am asking is possible?

29 February 2012 #

It would be nice to be able to change the sending email address for each brand eg
Brand 1 send invoice from
Brand 2

Else whilst the brands are different they all are sent from the same email address, looks odd?

2 April 2012 #

I just wanted to echo what Phil said. I have one company with two very different trading names. My customers would be very confused getting an invoice from an email address for a company they’ve never heard of!

This is even more important when it comes to repeating invoices that are sent automatically.

2 April 2012 #

PS: I love the custom branding through .docx files though… awesome!

20 June 2012 #

Is it possible to add the feature of “invoice to” and “ship to” in the Tax Invoice? And increase font size of the client address? Thanks in advance.

Tina Stevens
5 July 2012 #

I don’t understand why we can’t download this template into Docx so we can play with it. It is a much nicer starting point than the downloaded invoice. The movie on the Docx was that basic that it only told me what I had managed to work out myself anyway.

Emma Lane
19 July 2012 #

I am currently using quickboks and am in the process of changing over to Xero .
BUT have just reached the point of setting up my tax invoice layout . I can not seem to create an invoice that i can have all the details i need ie service date , description daily docket # , job time hourly rate , gst and amount . I also need to show the order # for the invoice and the terms which i would like to be able to set in the client profile . as our clients have a wide range of terms we work within . I really need help and have been trying to edit the downloaded version . if i keep going at this rate i won’t have any hair left . help please

15 August 2012 #

Another user in the process of changing from Quickbooks to Xero… but I too have stalled because of the lack of invoice customisation. Without (at least) a line by line service date its back to Quickbooks (with I loath)

8 January 2013 #

I’ve just finished setting up the docx themes for the three different regions I deal with. I was hoping I would be able to use the contacts Export/Import buttons to work through my customers and assign them the appropriate theme. I don’t see a suitable field is it something I am missing or is there a field name I could use that the importer will understand?

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