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As Xero continues to expand globally (paying customers in 50 countries) we’re constantly challenged by the tyranny of distance. Whilst the team is spread across New Zealand, Australia, and the UK, we’re building the capacity to service other world markets including the US and Canada.

A big part of scaling quickly over a broad geographical range is having the tools to communicate easily with our growing number of partners and customers. This includes everything from introducing Xero, to showing how our network partners (API) integrate with us and helping financial advisers use Xero to collaborate with their clients online.

One of the best ways we’ve found to get the Xero message across, whether you’re in Auckland or Vancouver (Mercer World’s Most liveable cities survey) is by hosting Webinars using a tool called GoToWebinar. This  allows you to conduct meetings and engage audiences across the nation, or even around the globe, without going anywhere and without the related high expenses of travel. You can choose free VoIP or telephone conferencing, or both together. The presentation happens through your own computer and audiences can take part with ad-hoc polling, hand raising, or even be given speaking turns.

We’ve put together a suite of Global Webinars for those of you in far away places (and not so far away places) which really are a great way to get answers to those burning questions.

If you’re a small business these introductory webinars for you and your staff are great.

For Accountants and Bookkeepers we recommend these webinars on how Xero can help your practice. Did you know you can also become Xero certified via webinar? You can out find more here.


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Earl Rudolfo
22 June 2010 #

The Xero webinars are a great resource for anyone wanting to get some initial exposure to Xero and get their questions answered live by the xero team. Whether you signed up for a free trial account before the webinar or after, you’ll be able to gain additional knowledge by attending one of these sessions.

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