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We’re moving home on Twitter

We wanted to let you know that we’re moving to a new home on Twitter later today*, which means we’ll be changing from @TeamXero to @Xero.

For those of you on Twitter who are already following us on @TeamXero you don’t need to do anything. The move will happen auto-magically and you’ll still be able to see all your tweets with us and continue to be a loyal follower.

If you were previously following us on @Xero you might find yourself swapped back to @TeamXero. Don’t worry if this happens, we’ll be watching out and will help you make the move to our new home.

So why the change? We thought we’d share a few of the reasons. This might be useful for any others using or considering Twitter for their business too:

  • Xero is our core name and brand
  • People naturally search by company name on Twitter
  • It’s shorter, so it gives us all a few more precious characters to use (although I heard recently that the average tweet is now 77 characters)
  • It helps with SEO by making sure web searches for your company show your Twitter account in the results

I’ll still be there (^OG = Orange Girl) along with some other guest tweeters as time and expertise allows.

Don’t forget we’re also tweeting from @XeroPersonal which you can use to comment on or keep up-to-date with our new personal finance product, Xero Personal.

*Update: the move is complete!


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Andrew Haynes
27 May 2010 #

I’ll be following from @Andrew_Haynes

Keep up the good tweets guys :)

27 May 2010 #

How did you acquire the name? Was it through direct negotiations with the original user or through Twitter’s resolution process?

Catherine Walker
28 May 2010 #

Hi Adam, we’ve had @Xero for a while and just now switching it to be our primary account. We were able to get it directly from someone who had it but wasn’t using it – no need for a resolution process.

Regards, Catherine

Jason M Blumer
28 May 2010 #

Sounds like a good move for Xero’s branding purposes, OG. You guys are smart.

Melissa Koehler
12 June 2010 #

Good for SEO indeed! Nice work, Catherine. :)

Catherine Walker
12 June 2010 #

Thanks for the feedback, and the advice on this too!

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