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Letter from New York – records & film night

Posted 8 years ago in Xero news by Catherine (OG)
Posted by Catherine (OG)

When you’re living in the big city you get to go to some different events that you might not think to do when at home, or they’re just not on offer. We’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy in New York hence the time since our last letter and recently we had a couple of fun nights out attending said different events!

Breaking world records

The first event a couple of weeks ago came onto our radar through a Xero customer we’ve met here, URBD (Universal Records Database). We went out to visit them at their offices in Dumbo, Brooklyn to see how they’re using Xero and hear their feedback – more about that below*. Anyway, their site hosts world records, submitted to them via video and photographic evidence and once a month they host a Word Record Appreciation Society evening where anyone can apply to break a world record up on stage. So we went along. It was really funny and URDB were chuffed that we went along to support them.Some of the records we saw broken were:

  • Most human pretzels with a trombone (looping it around the length of your body without letting go) in a minute
  • Most 90’s edition Trivial Pursuit questions answered correctly from the ‘viewing’ category in a minute
  • Most people to kiss the same person at once (given to some poor unsuspecting audience member on his birthday!)
  • Most repetitions of a Japanese tongue-twister in 30 seconds
  • Fastest time to recite part of Sarah Palin’s resignation speech in Gibberish
  • Largest group of Liberals to recite the 37 self-professed accomplishments of the GOP
  • Most items read from a Chinese take-out menu in a minute (the reader was a Ukranian ‘corpsologist’!)

They’re still uploading the videos to their site, they have to be scrutinized and checked as legitimate world records (i.e. not broken before, and can be challenged) but you can see a few already posted. It was a great evening and something very different so if you’re in New York, check out the URDB site for when the next evenings are and head along.

Film night

Last Sunday evening we went to a showing of Twilight: New Moon … not so strange you might think, except perhaps why would Craig sit through it (again)? Because the film was actually the subject of heckling and ridicule by a group of comedians called The Raspberry Brothers at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. I have to admit to being a Twilight fan (yes read all the books in one sitting and am on Team Edward) but I found their version of the sound track absolutely hilarious – I have not laughed so hard in ages! If you haven’t seen the movie it might not make much sense, but if you have, then you’ll understand why their version of “mumble mumble mumble” every time Edward and Bella had a softly spoken conversation, or grunting sounds and pig jibes whenever Jake was on screen, or Jake constantly saying “my eyes are up here Bella”, or noting that every time a Native American appeared and disappeared on screen it was from the woods and Jawa sounds whenever glowing wolves eyes peeped through the trees, was so funny. It’s rather hard to explain on paper! The next film they’re heckling tonight is Star Wars and they’ll certainly have fun with that (not going as parents are arriving in town tonight!).

*Customer feedback

So back to URDB and what they had to say about using Xero in the US.

  • Checks: in their business the need for paper checks is not particularly important and their needs are met via a check service offered by their bank
  • Banking: really want bank feeds, especially as manual importing doesn’t bring enough transaction information into bank rec
  • Dates: need to be able to enter dates in US format i.e. mm/dd/yyyy – the current way we display dates on reports is OK although the preference would be mmmm dd yyyy
  • Tax: would like to see an option where you can just hide the display of sales tax, if it’s not used the 0% and line items on invoices just cause clutter.

Here’s the URDB team in their office in a very cool shared office warehouse in Dumbo.

I know Philip has already mentioned this in his recent post Xero wins another Webby but if you do have any further comments on how Xero could be improved for your use of it in the US or Canada, please add them to the list!

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