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Xero wins another Webby

For the second year running we’ve been honored with a Webby Award. In 2009, we received two Webby Awards and this year we got one in the Web Services & Applications category. Being continuously recognized among the world’s best web apps is something we’ve very proud of.

But far more important to us is the daily feedback and support we get from customers all over the world. Thank you and keep it coming!

On that note, I just returned from a quick trip to San Francisco where I met with some customers and their accountants. They gave us really useful insights into how they work and how we can better Americanize things for the upcoming US version of Xero.

Notice how I spelled honored and recognized? As always, please leave a comment if you have tips for the US version of Xero.


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Earl Rudolfo
24 April 2010 #

That’s great news, Philip. You should be proud. Kudos for Xero! So does this mean that Xero will be officially launching into the US small business marketplace …and Canada soon? Being a canuck, I’m especially excited about this.

24 April 2010 #

Cannot wait for the US Version

Jared Roussel
28 April 2010 #

It’s about time you give our z-loving businesses some recognition. Now if only you could come out with a nice iPhone/iPad app and blow us away.

Philip Fierlinger
29 April 2010 #

The US version is definitely in the pipeline. As well as an iPhone app.

@Earl let us know what you need special for Canada and we’ll see what we can :)

Share Investor
3 May 2010 #

Here is my Q & A with Rod Drury. I can see why you guys go Ga Ga over him :)

Earl Rudolfo
4 May 2010 #

Philip, the US version of Xero may supply most of the needs for Canada as well. However, some features that I think would be a big boost to SMBs in Canada are cheque writing capabilities, automatic bank feeds, sales tax reporting, viz HST and other corporate tax filing integration. A visible Canadian version of Xero would definitely add credibility and value to Xero’s commitment to this marketplace.

1 June 2010 #

re: Canada
* Canadian Payroll support is huge
* would love an automatic migration from QB Canada to Xero.

4 June 2010 #

Am very excited about the direction xero is moving (US version, iPhone app). To really rock the boat in the huge US market, the “killer apps” will be QB file import (.iif files), the ability to print checks in a QB or peachtree stilled voucher checkstock, automatic importing of bank data (i.e. Yodlee) and the ability to import payroll data (either via .iif or .tab files or via direct link aka your xero network for external transactions with the likes of someone like surepayroll, etc. Additionally, you might want to watch what is doing with “trends”. Keep up the good work and good luck.

Jason M Blumer
4 June 2010 #

Philip, congrats on the award!

I’m still working towards getting you a list as well on the needs of the US version of Xero. I hope I’m not too late, and that there is still time to incorporate some US thoughts.

Thanks for your patience.

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