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Sweet as accounting

Findlay & Co, one of our great partners, are having fun with their blog


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10 May 2010 #

Very clever. thanks for brightening up my day!

Julie Russell
10 May 2010 #

Brilliant!! Thanks for helping to show we’re not all grey and boring, fat-and fifty-somethings. Mind you, with all those sweets in the film, you might not be helping with the ‘fat’ bit! Just off to the dairy….

10 May 2010 #

Outstanding …. so creative and fulfilling to make and I’m sure as ‘filling’ afterwards to wrap up …. bet you guys have a chocolate addiction now!

Philip Bridgen
10 May 2010 #

Loved the Video! It’s just so much fun, and a great demonstration that accountants *can* be imaginative, innovative, creative, and funny….. if that’s Findlay & Co, I think I want to move to Central!

10 May 2010 #

brilliant video – some fun must be had to get through our days – I had to view more than once to translate some of the sweets – yes I’m not to fast at crosswords.

Thanks for all the comments and we are glad you enjoyed. You can still enter the competition to win all the chocolate!!

14 May 2010 #

Very clever.

I like where they say “Our office is paperless”. Obviously except for this 40 metre long bit which is probably more paper than I use in a year anyway…

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