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Letter from New York

Posted 8 years ago in Xero news by Catherine (OG)
Posted by Catherine (OG)

Hi everyone we’re here! Loving New York (here’s my previous post about what we’re doing here if you missed it) – we’ve had a week’s holiday getting ourselves organised and getting used to the weather (thank goodness I brought my orange gumboots with me!) Our two holiday jobs were to get bank accounts and mobile phones set up.

The bank account was surprisingly easy – just a passport and some money to deposit! Everything was taken care of in the bank by one person and after filling out some forms and having our photographs taken we were issued with Visa debit cards and an online bank account. Money was available immediately (plus more wired overnight from Westpac – great service there!) Here I am let loose in the street with the new debit card just moments after leaving the bank!

I had to use the card a bit for research purposes, honestly, I was very excited to download my statement from the bank and see first hand that it imported perfectly into Xero!Mobile phone has not been so easy – everyone is speaking into or tapping on their phone here. All the time. There are signs up at a lot of shop counters saying “Please refrain from using your mobile phone at the counter.” And with our mobile world becoming all about the data you’d think we could get some kind of pre-pay data plan. But not yet. However when we do secure a monthly plan (prices aren’t too bad) it seems as though data will be unlimited. Imagine that!

We’re also finding our way around the supermarkets – new choices, new tastes, new terminology (don’t ask where the shopping trolleys are, gets you a funny look!). There’s just so much stuff and so many people and the one thing eluding us so far is pinenuts!  In this supermarket in Union Square that goes over two levels, there’s a cool escalator for the shopping ‘carts’ to ride on!

And thanks to this article in the New York times a couple of days after we got here – it seems New York is having a bit of a coffee revolution so we’re finding some decent cafes this trip as well.

Now we start work!


The Bank Channel
March 25, 2010 at 1.11 am

Congrats on making it there (now you can make it anywhere, so the song goes?). I’ll be in town end of next week during Easter break and the week following – any time to catch up that week?

Catherine Walker in reply to The Bank Channel Xero
March 25, 2010 at 4.11 am

@Rob Absolutely! Will email you to set up a time.

Letter from New York – settling in « Online accounting software news from Xero
April 1, 2010 at 6.04 am

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