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Developer update

From next Monday developers will be able to create private applications for use with the Xero API v2.

If you use the Xero API v2 for your own private use you can now bypass the authorisation step in the OAuth process and use a permanent access token for a particular organisation –  commonly referred to as 2-legged OAuth. This has been one of our most requested features among developers in recent months.

Hot on the heels of this will be an update for Xero Network partners to use long term access tokens with single instance multi tenanted web applications. Partners using API v2 will still use the normal authorisation flow (3-legged OAuth)  but will be able to upgrade their apps to get access tokens refreshed without any user intervention.

We’ve also been busy working on many improvements which developers have been emailing, tweeting and skyping to our API team around the clock. And yes we’ve heard you loud and clear! Feature requests like submitting approved invoices, adding journals, Spend Money and Receive Money’s are all coming to the v2 API soon.

We’re now starting to plan out beyond these features so please keep an eye on Uservoice and be ready to submit your votes for new features as we roll out these improvements in the weeks ahead. Everyone of your requests entered on Uservoice is read, so this is definitely the best place to let us know what we should be working on next, and also the best place to get an indication of our developer roadmap.


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Nathan Dunn
24 March 2010 #

Good work Tony, look forward to seeing these well anticipated changes to OAuth – it will make automating with client’s systems much easier.

Andy Thornton
26 March 2010 #

This looks good guys! Not sure about the T-shirts though. Watch out for anyone with a bow & arrows!

Michael Koziarski
26 March 2010 #

Awesome guys, *really* looking forward to tinkering with private apps!

26 March 2010 #

Nice, i can recommend Xero to my boss now – cheers guys!

9 November 2011 #

If I conmmuiacted I could thank you enough for this, I’d be lying.

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