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Radio Xero

It’s challenging for any advertiser to grab the attention of their target audience. Even more so for the business-to-business advertiser who also has to compete against – and cut through – a plethora of consumer advertising messages. Our busy lives mean we wear multiple hats – from cook to care giver, DIYer to business decision maker– the list goes on – these are “roles” that every advertiser is vying to appeal to. So choosing the right media that reaches your target audience is fundamental.

In the early days at Xero we dabbled in traditional mediums of print and press with no measurable success. Of late, we have been getting superb results online. But we wanted to overlay this with something that would also raise awareness of our accounting partner channel, particularly in New Zealand as we lead into the financial year end of 31 March. So we’ve  launched a radio campaign to run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

There are two ads –  the first is based on a testimonial from one of our customers, photographer Eva Bradley (above).  This is followed with a referral to our homepage to find a Xero Certified accountant – where we’ve created a tile that links through to our Partner Directory.

Here are the ads – tell us what you think. (They’ll play on The Rock, Classic Hits, Newstalk ZB, The Breeze, Radio Sport, Radio Hauraki and Radio Live.)

30 sec ad

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

15 sec follow-up ad

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


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Arron Edwards
5 February 2010 #

We run a web application company offering bespoke software development, alongside website design and system integration services. Let us know how it works for you, as we’ve found our online presence works well, referrals etc, and thinking of trying radio. We’ve tried print media, I should have thrown a staff party every week for a month for what it cost us to run.

Warwick Jones
9 February 2010 #

Wikipedia: [Sexy is an adjective that describes sexual attraction in humans, and other species.] I am a fan of Xero, but fail to see how on earth it can be considered the least bit Sexy, or addictive for that matter.

Paula Jackson
9 February 2010 #

Thanks Warwick. Note, these are not our words, this is what our customers tell us! We encourage you to follow us on Twitter where you can see for yourself the passion that people have for Xero

10 February 2010 #

Its ok Warwick, you’ll come around. Just give it some time.

22 February 2010 #

On ‘sexy’ – Whilst ‘sexy’ is a term that can be used as pedant Warwick describes (which, ironically, I suspect many people would consider not be that sexy), from a casual use / conversational perspective, I think it has come to mean things like “well designed” – or perhaps more accurately “showing evidence of smart, current and well-considered design.” From that point of view Xero is sexy.

Addictive – well, can’t say I’ve ever found “paperwork” addictive. It’s a bit like brushing your teeth I suppose, you have to do it regularly so it doesn’t really matter if it is addictive or not. It gets done.

22 February 2010 #

Warwick, I completely agree re the “sexy” angle – if you guys this this is the best way to sell Xero, then you are missing the point and a lot of customers. I am a business owner and having moved from MYOB not only has it decreased the time spent doing the accounts, but it actually helps me on a day to day basis to run the business. If I want sexy, I’m going elsewhere – if I want help with the business, I’ll use xero. Nice to know one of your customers gets thrills using Xero, but I would say the majority are more along the lines of helping their business grow and that is where you should focus. You guys have a great system here – don’t demean it with a rubbish ad.

Hadley Burns
22 February 2010 #

Been hearing lots of people talk about this ad and I believe it has “perked the interest” of many non xero users because lets face it, how the hell can accounting and sexy even be in the same sentence!

22 February 2010 #

Agree with Warrick, sexy is not the word in accounting thinking, and fun, cant say I’ve ever thought doing books on any system is fun or adictive, its simply a job to be done quickly without fuss, and Xero does that, bit like the rational behind mowing the lawns, you need the excerise, it tidy’s up the section and you get the grass for compost. “Easy” is good as it is, and I look forward to working with the system because of that. So to replace sexy adictive and fun – say Xero is the Easiest Accounting system bla bla, it is so simple to use that Xero is for dummies and the professionals love it to.

23 February 2010 #

I also agree with Warrick. the word sexy is being used so loosely now adays. There are good specific English words that describe Xero truthfully. I like Wayne’s suggetion because that is honestly why we switched to xero.

Ben Kepes
23 February 2010 #

The conservative accountants must be coming out…. People need to relax a bit, calling Xero “sexy” is a compliment and anyway, listen to the Xero screencasts, who in their right mind would call the voice of Matt Barnett anything other than sexy?


Matt Barnett
23 February 2010 #

Awww, shucks, Ben. You sure know how to make a guy feel special.

Alex Webster
6 April 2012 #

Hi Paula, May I ask how are these ads working for you? and why you picked those particular radio stations? We are evaluating various media to advertise our Xero add-on (StarShip – desktop fulfilment) and your ads have prompted us to give further consideration to radio. Many thanks for any insights you can share.

Alex Webster
6 April 2012 #

… I have just noticed the date of this thread – but I have been hearing your ads in recent days so my questions stands!

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