Xero will be taking part in the inaugural Telecommunications Industry Conference – themed Planet 2010 – in Auckland, New Zealand. Buzz Aldrin – who together with Neil Armstrong manned the first lunar landing (if you believe they went…..) will open the event which runs over 12-13 March 2010 and showcases the latest innovation from some of this country’s smartest companies.

There’ll be presentations and demonstrations specifically for business on the first day followed by interactive exhibitions. Then on day two the hottest end user products will be the focus when the conference is opened to the general public. As well as exhibits there’ll be 25 presentations divided into core streams of Home, Corporate, Education, Small Business and Rural. So something for everyone.

I’ll be presenting in the Small Business streams where I’ll talk about why online technologies, and why new devices like netbooks, smartphones and ipads, will change how small business is done in New Zealand over the next couple of years. A small businesses can get easy access to a myriad of new services. Whether they want a better lifestyle or want to become a mini-multinational, their technology strategy and the way they communicate with customers using this new technology will have a big influence on how successful they are.

You can find out more about Planet 2010 here. Or go ahead and register for your ticket here.

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