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It’s all about you…

A few days ago we staged our inaugural partners’ conference. As it was our first we invited our top performing accounting partners from New Zealand and Australia to get their feedback on how we’re doing and see what sort of regular event we should do.

It was a lot of fun putting partners in the picture about the Xero roadmap and being able to answer those 110 questions. Partners really seemed to get a lot out of our session on the impact traditional media and social media have on small business advertisers. A real highlight was having Justin Hygate from the Ministry of Economic Development talk about the future of the Companies Office and 

As we build  our  business it is a great thrill to see the varied and wonderful ways our accounting partners embrace Xero. So to acknowledge this and celebrate their success we’ve introduced a series of awards. Here’s the line-up of winners for 2009 which we presented at a gala dinner: Fastest Growing Partner
David Jessep and Associates

Partner innovation Award
Findlay and Co

100% Xero Award
Diva Business Solutions

That’s Philippa O’Mara (centre) from Diva accepting the 100% Xero Award.

Xero Knowledge Award
Bookkeeping and Beyond

Partner Website of the Year
Dowse Murray Chartered Accountants

Partner of the Year
Openside CA

The feedback we’ve had about the conference has been overwhelming and the pressure is now on to stage something even better next year and include partners from further afield. The partners who attended say they learnt a lot and the Xero team certainly has some food for thought about the needs of Xero partners and their clients. That’s the beauty of a two-way conversation. 

If you have some great ideas on what type of event we should host in the future, let us know.


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27 January 2010 #

Congratulations to all!
Rod, can you elaborate a little on the talk about the future of the Companies Office and Cheers.

Rod Drury
28 January 2010 #

I won’t steal their thunder but we’re very excited about the companies Office online strategy. They really understand this space. We’ll cover it as we can. Stay tuned.

idaho falls accounting
28 January 2010 #

Can you elaborate a little on the talk about the future of the Companies Office and

Below Xero «
8 June 2010 #

[…] friend at Xero awarded us Partner Innovation Award for 2009 and we are […]

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