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Google Local Business Center

Google have been slowly beefing up their directory products, and have recently introduced Google Local Business center.  This allows small businesses to enter in more specific information about themselves (like opening hours etc) and control how they are presented in Google.

This is a great way for small businesses to promote themselves. Authentication is by a phone call which usually happens pretty quickly.

It also allows photo’s and images to be loaded.  This is a great way for small businesses to differentiate.

Google are a winning search engine and we expect to see many new applications built on top of this directory data. Therefore we think it’s very important that you take control of how you are presented in search. Its simple enough to do yourself or talk to your website provider who should be able to quickly set you up.


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[…] has renamed Local Business Center (which we mentioned back in January) as Google […]

14 May 2010 #

Finally some form of leverage for the smaller businesses looking to compete….brilliant concept.

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