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Catch the wave in 2010

Posted 8 years ago in Xero news by Rod Drury
Posted by Rod Drury

For those in the Wellington tech industry I hope you’ve had a good break and done a bit a soul searching on what you’re going to be doing this year.

This next year will be a huge one for Xero. We’re well on the way to delivering most of the core accounting features we needed to be a credible player in the small business accounting space – one of the world’s biggest markets. While building the platform we’ve already acquired over 12,000 customers in 50 countries.

We’ve tried to build an open company that really listens to its customers. It’s really working as you can see if you follow what people are saying about Xero on sites like Twitter.

With our solid platform and customer centric approach we’ve given ourselves a hugely exciting opportunity over the next couple of years to demonstrate real innovation that will dramatically improve productivity for small businesses, globally.

So we’re just getting started. If you’ve been reading technology industry predictions for 2010, SaaS and cloud platforms are the white hot space for the next few years. That was obvious to us several years ago and we’ve been able to position Xero at the front of the wave. Over the few months we’ll see the new Apple Slate device, and low cost net devices using new operating systems like Chrome OS. These will accelerate the cloud market in the next year.

Our biggest constraint now is talented people who can step up to the challenge.

In our development team we need more .Net developers, Interaction Designers, Analysts and QA people to get into some new work streams we have planned.

Xero is a product company, which means we get to improve and extend our product every month. It’s a very satisfying and rewarding opportunity to make a product that people love and be able to make things better and better.

We have a high performance team that is just humming. If you haven’t had the opportunity to be part of a product team before you should seriously think about it as it’s a very satisfying experience. We think we have the most exciting opportunities in the NZ dev scene and being part of the Xero journey should set you up professionally for life.

We also have opportunities for energetic marketing people that simply haven’t existed in New Zealand before. Personally I’m looking for early to mid career technology marketing brains who can understand and communicate the benefits of technology to a global audience. Our marketing team has a lot to do this year and we’re going to have a lot of fun.

We’ve got plenty of money in the bank and ready to go even faster. Xero is an outstanding opportunity for New Zealanders to go global.

It’s time to catch the wave. If this is you, or you know someone who should be here, please contact


January 6, 2010 at 9.53 pm

Oh good. I’m looking for somewhere to summer next year during the cold English winter.

Kenneth Leong
January 7, 2010 at 10.34 am

Rod, The stars are in alignment. People will move to the clouds in droves in the coming years. Certainly for people who are setting up from scratch and don’t have to think about legacy systems, using Xero is a no-brainer. Looks like XRO will hit $2 this qtr. If you throw in a couple of options, talented people will be queuing up outside your office in the same way people do at Googleplex. All the best for 2010!

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