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Tyranny vs trouble free

I’m a Xero Account Manager based in lovely Sydney and four months in, I’m loving it.

For the non Aussies reading this blog, there is a well known phrase used here in Australia: ‘The Tyranny of Distance’. It was first used by historian Geoffrey Blainey in his book Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia’s History.

This of course alludes to the sheer distance between Australia and Europe. Once you immigrated to Australia, you were likely never to see your family again. And once here, the distances are enormous which means just ‘getting around’ puts a different spin on things.


If you’re a bookkeeper or accountant, just ‘getting around’ also has it’s own ‘tyrannies’. I know a lot of people travelling enormous distances to service their clients. I’m not advocating we do away with face-to-face contact altogether, but there is a more efficient way of accessing your clients’ accounts.Then of course there’s the tyranny of corrupt data files, multiple versions of accounting systems, disparate sets of books, sending adjusting journals back to your clients and so on.

Small business owners started en masse managing their own books when GST (goods and services tax) was introduced here some 10 years ago. Since then, their business advisors have lamented that they have rapidly lost control of their clients’ accounting information.

The options have always been to dial in via remote access or shuttle it across via email or USB – all of which are slow and costly. No matter the method, the conundrum has been: do we disburse these costs back to our client, or not? Either way, it all adds up. Actually the data file model has been around for well over 20 years, so it’s been adding up for a while!

The industry has been struggling with data that has remained isolated, out-of-date, and difficult to use. So it’s great to hear accountants like saying things like:

“Something once  unimaginable – I saw an accounting system put a smile on the face of a client.”

In fact this Xero partner is doing something really exciting in terms of leveraging the Xero Platform.  2010 marks the introduction of Cloud Accounting which will deliver services to non profits in all corners of Australia, often in places that, trust me, are pretty hard to get to.

What a cracker idea!


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Gillian Rossouw
4 January 2010 #

Your comments on travel & saving time so true. In the past have charged client either for remote access log in or on-site travelling/consulting – now these extra outlays billed to client can go towards my clients monthly Xero billing costs.

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