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The biz guide to SaaS

While in the UK I was part of a small group of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) vendors who met every couple of months, usually at the Counting House on Corn Hill Road in London city. We would swap war stories and discuss the key issues affecting our rapidly emerging industry.  

As we had more meetings we realised that it might make sense to formalise our group. So we started to search for the right organisation to help us amplify what we wanted to share with other interested people. Luckily through my involvement with the NZTE Beachheads Board I met Charles Ward from Intellect UK. The people at Intellect were very welcoming and thought that a SaaS Special Interest Group would be a great idea.

Saying goodbye to our city pub, we convened our first official meeting and decided that the first order of business should be to write a guide to SaaS for people in business. We divided up what we wanted to say into various sections including the benefits, implementation, the costs, security issues and legalities. These were then assigned to different people. It took about five months to write and collate it all and I am very pleased to announce that the guide titled The Business Case for Software-as-a-Service has now been published! You can download a copy here.  

A big thank you to Intellect and to all the contributors. I’d like to think this is an excellent, uncomplicated summary of  what SaaS is all about.


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