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Accounting without borders

Customer Care has grown rapidly in the last few months and in case you didn’t know we’ve now got Xero staff in a number of cities around the world including London, Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington and Auckland, with more to come on board soon.

Our people have direct expertise in each country, and we can use our international resources to deal with any issues as they arise. Customer care is a vital part of the Xero operation. Responding to your queries and requests is the main driver for constantly improving Xero.

It doesn’t matter where you are, we’ll get back to you. Don’t be surprised if you receive a response to your query after business hours. That’s the nature of a team spread far and wide.

So let’s put a name to a face. Here’s me (yes the one at the very front) with some of the customer care team.


There’s always someone on deck, even over the Christmas break.  So if you have any questions about Xero email us at


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rita johnson
17 June 2010 #

loving new accounts system but could access it too easily not using on virgin media in uk which worries me big time i am only a practice manager

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