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World’s First Accounting System on Chrome OS?

We’re claiming it …

For the geeks we ran through the Building Chrome OS guide ( using Ubuntu to do the work. If you follow the steps outlined it pretty much works as written. We then copied that onto a USB stick and ran it on a little Eee-PC. Some issues around networking were sorted out with a cable – couldn’t get the apps page to work either and logout seemed to be missing.

Otherwise a pretty slick experience. Next step is to change all the images to Xero logos and build our own OS ;)


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Ben Kepes
20 November 2009 #

cheesy grin? +1

20 November 2009 #

“First bank rec. on Chrome OS”….priceless! :D

21 November 2009 #

Very c-o-o-l! Chrome – it’s the only way to go!!!

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