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techsoup_sKeeping the books for a community based organisation whether it’s a tennis club or charity is challenging. The very nature of raising money is difficult, let alone managing tight resources. You’re reliant on busy volunteers to administer the finances and for them it’s often a headache and a chore.

At Xero we really value the role of the not-for-profits and have always tried to support this sector. For a while now we’ve been looking for a way to formalise this commitment. Today we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with TechSoup New Zealand that meets this objective.

TechSoup NZ provides donated software from companies such as Microsoft to eligible New Zealand charities, voluntary and community groups with charitable status.

“When resources are limited keeping on top of your cashflow is paramount, says Xero CEO Rod Drury.  “We think Xero will simplify, what up until now, has been a tedious process for the volunteers who run these organisations.”

Through our relationship with with TechSoup NZ we hope to open up the possibility of using Xero for a diverse range of not-for-profits and let them realise accounting can be easy and fun even. We’ll be offering a 25% discount on the first organisation an eligible subscriber signs up with Xero.

For the not-for-profit sector useful functions in Xero include being able to set up recurring subscriptions, produce professional reports, and track profits and losses for any part of an organisation.

If  you or you think someone you know might be interested, have a look at the TechSoup NZ website and follow the prompts for more detail about this offer and how to sign up.


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Tina Reid
13 November 2009 #

Thank you Xero for coming on board with TechSoup – as the NZ partner in this project we are impressed with Xero practical “can do” attitude and support for voluntary organisations

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