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FreshBooks a go go

freshbooksThe response to Xero working toward integration with FreshBooks, the North American online invoicing and time tracking heavy weight, has been amazing. Lots of people have helped with beta testing. And we’ve really enjoyed working with the FreshBooks team based out of Toronto, Canada who pride themselves on a service which helps their clients save time and get paid faster.

We’re now pretty pleased with the integration and it’s great to see Xero listed as the first add-on under accounting on the FreshBooks website. They sound as excited as we are:

“The combination of FreshBooks and Xero will likely make a killer combination for many small businesses out there.”


Anyone can now use FreshBooks with Xero and if that’s you, have a look at our Help for how to set up. You can also watch this video to see how it works.


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Dirk Kelly
2 December 2009 #

Thanks guys, been looking forward to going back to my pretty Freshbooks invoices.

Great work all around with xero.


Adrian Pearson
14 December 2009 #

I am considering signing-up for Freshbooks mainly because I need to invoice for several different trading styles from Xero (i.e with different logos). In Xero I would have to keep changing the logo file on the Invoice Settings page, which is obviously a real pain.

However, if the ability to have multiple invoice styles is on the Xero roadmap, I will avoid the Freshbooks complication. Are there any plans?

Rod Drury
15 December 2009 #

Hi Adrian, Freshbooks does a bunch of other good stuff but yes we will have a different invoices formats in the next few months. This is one of our most requested features and we look forward to getting it out the door.


Maury Cocoa
19 January 2010 #

I’m confused… why do I even need Freshbooks if Xero has all the same capabilities? Am I missing something?

Catherine Walker
19 January 2010 #

@Maury, you’re not missing anything at all. We set up the integration between Xero and FreshBooks as many clients using Xero requested that their invoices be imported into Xero for reporting and accounting purposes. FreshBooks is a great time-tracking and billing/invoicing product whereas Xero is a full online accounting system and part of that does include customer and supplier invoicing. So depending on what you want you can use one or other or both!
Regards, Catherine

22 April 2010 #

We tried Freshbooks for 3 months. The integration with Xero is great, but the reporting was surprisingly poor. Also the difficultly of end of month invoicing also lets it down. We moved to Harvest ( which offers much better reporting across a number of key metrics, the end of month invoicing is not much better but improvements are supposedly in the pipeline. Harvest is not integrated with Xero, but overall has provided a better solution for tracking time, project ROI and employee productivity.

Ashley Hart
18 October 2010 #

Hi, I am considering using Harvest for Invoicing.
How you get the data back in to Xero?
Do you do export it in some way?

Cheers Ash

31 May 2011 #

Xero doesn’t get a mention in the accounting addon section anymore? In fact all references to Xero throughout the site have been removed.
Does this mean that Freshbooks is starting to see Xero as more of a competitor?

George Mathew
12 April 2012 #

Its interesting to read through the comments and see the constructive approach FreshBooks and Xero have taken thus far. We’re really looking at the time-tracking feature and considering between Freshbooks and Other purpose built Xero Add-Ons. Xero continues to be our main accounting choice.

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