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Not such a deep dive

As developers it’s easy to sink into the comfortable mode of isolation. At Xero we’re encouraged to feedback into the community and go and meet with developers from other companies. Such interaction keeps us fresh and involved in what we’re doing, and allows us to grow professionally so that we have the skills to make Xero the best possible. 

In New Zealand there’s a very active, volunteer run, Microsoft community under the umbrella of the Dot Net User Group moniker and I’ve been travelling around as many of these groups as possible to talk to them about Microsoft’s MVC Framework.

As we’ve been quoted as saying before, when we came to develop the Xero API, MVC had been released in a preview form. Because we’re generally all web developers here at Xero the Model-View-Controller pattern was inherently suitable to introduce to the team. And there’s a reason why a vast number of popular web frameworks (Rails, DJango, Struts to name a few) are based on this pattern: it’s a great way to enable productive development practices.

Recently I gave a talk called Deeper Dive into the MVC Framework. (There’s a concept in Microsoft talks called ‘deep dives’ which is a term assigned to talks that cover a topic in depth and are usually highly technical – this is not quite so technical or in depth but was more focused than an introductory talk.)

Below is a copy of the presentation and audio based on this. As yet my sound engineering skills aren’t good enough for me to capture live audio.

My next talk is Behaviour Driven Development which I’ll be presenting to the Wellington .Net User group on Wednesday. So if you’re interested the details are here.


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