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Last month we announced New Zealand based payroll specialist IMS Payroll was to integrate  its software with Xero. We’re now keen to get some feedback on how this is working.
IMS develops payroll software for a range of businesses and  the partnership with Xero is an example of how cloud based technology (Xero) can communicate with on premise software (IMS Payroll).  
We’d like to hear from you if you’re an existing Xero customer and  interested in taking part in beta test (which is tech speak for a pilot). You can

Last month we announced New Zealand based payroll specialist IMS Payroll was to integrate its software with Xero. IMS is one of New Zealand’s largest suppliers of payroll software systems and has more than 10,000 customers. 

What the integration does is allow you to import a summary of your payroll data into Xero to make bank reconciliation easier. Now that the first stage of integration between IMS and Xero is nearing completion, we’re keen to get some user feedback. 

If you’re an existing Xero and IMS customer and interested in taking part in the beta test (which is tech speak for a pilot), you can contact us here.


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David Kime
30 October 2009 #

Can we in the UK please please please have payroll too

30 October 2009 #

why don’t you do payroll yourself?

30 October 2009 #

David, what options do you see you have in UK to an online payroll solution? what do/dont you like about them?

Alastair Grigg
30 October 2009 #

Our current focus remains on rounding out the core accounting engine (look out for some more great new features being released soon) and working with other software partners, through the Xero API, to provide linked solutions for areas like Payroll, time recording and e-commerce.

We’re certainly listening to the feedback about what areas we should consider beyond the core accounting features (which of course we’ll still always look to improve).

David Kime
2 November 2009 #

Hi everyone – been away a few days. Thanks for the posts and here are the replies

Lubos – I’m not clever enough to write an online payroll app

Gibby – we would like a feature rich app that links in with Xero so that we can offer a full online option for our clients

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