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Xero volunteers at eDay

We could have stayed in bed on that drizzly, cold Saturday morning but the call of the environment was enough to spur the Xero team into life. Adorned in fluro vests and gloves with clip boards at the ready we assembled to greet drivers with car loads of out-dated computer gear and  mobile phones.


It’s the second time we’ve taken part in eDay, an event  organised by Computer Access New Zealand (CANZ), which encourages people to drop off electronic waste for free. The equipment is then sorted and sent to recycling companies in South Korea where 95 percent of precious materials such as copper, lead, zinc, gold and silver are recovered.

All sorts came to drop off, from hard out geeks to grannies with an antiquated PC. Wellington, where the Xero HQ is based, was the busiest of the eDay drop off centres with nearly 2000 cars off-loading 87 tonnes of e-waste.

It was a sobering thought to learn later that over the entire country enough e-waste had been collected to fill 16 shipping containers. We got the feeling this was just the tip of the iceberg.

As an online company we’re acutely aware of the need to take a more sustainable approach to e-waste and stop it being dumped in the world’s landfills. We”ll continue to get behind this cause and hope you will too! We’d be interested to know about any credible and innovative e-waste recycling going on in your area.


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Jono Walker
14 September 2009 #

Great initiative guys.

Just so you know: copper, lead and zinc are not precious metals; gold and silver are though.

Prue McStay
14 September 2009 #

Good on you for this. It would be great if you could promote this in future so that we are aware that it is coming up and can gather up our e-waste for dropping off. I have loads that I don’t know what to do with….

Helen Matterson
15 September 2009 #

Spot on Jono. Will teach me to check the eDay blurb in the future!

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