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What’s on top?

Since releasing multi-currency in June, we’ve had 800 companies start using it and the feedback has been very positive.  Today, multi-currency is complete – well nothing is ever complete, it keeps evolving, but v1 is. The difference now is you can use full bank reconciliation for foreign currency bank and PayPal accounts.

While multi-currency has been one of our most significant releases to date, we’re also mindful of meeting the requests we receive from customers everyday.  Below is  your top ten enhancement wish list – involving more than 500 customer requests! We’re excited to be able to tick off some of these in today’s release and offer a few other enhancements as well. What remains on our “to do list” should happen over the  next few months.

  1. Allow partial payments within bank reconciliation *DONE*
  2. Add a contact person field to contact records *DONE*
  3. Allow the employee role to do full invoicing *DONE*
  4. A read-only role for directors and bank managers *DONE*
  5. Export direct credit batch files *IN PROGRESS*
  6. Resolve the confusion around the No Tax & tax inclusive/exclusive settings and remember the last selection *IN PROGRESS*
  7. Full editing capabilities for invoices, bank transactions and expense claims *UNDER REVIEW*
  8. Improve the navigation within invoicing and banking *UNDER REVIEW*
  9. Add notes and nil value lines to invoices *IN DESIGN*
  10. Improve the budget *UNDER REVIEW*

How transparent is that! And in case you don’t notice here’s the added extras we’ve been working on so you can now:

  • Enter bank fees and adjustments in bank rec
  • Print manual journals
  • Customise the customer statement PDF
  • Move the address on an invoice and statement by specifying padding to fit different sizes of window envelopes
  • Compare weeks or partial months within the Profit and Loss
  • View the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet in a foreign currency
  • Save a spend/receive money transaction and add another
  • Setup accounts using the new non-current asset and liability account types

We’re sure you’ll agree one of the most exciting release features today is partial payments within bank reconciliation which you can check out in this video.

smileygreenThanks to everyone who has given us feedback and requests.  Its nice to see the green smiley faces coming through, so if you like what we’re doing just click on the green smiley at the bottom of your dashboard.

You can see all the changes in this morning’s release here in the release notes.


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Paul Lattimore
8 September 2009 #

Top marks for the read only option Andrew. This will be a great help anytime “financials” need to be supplied for some reason.

8 September 2009 #

It’s so nice to have these incremental releases. I remember the old QB days where I had to wait a year for a new feature (if I was lucky) and then also had to pay for the upgrade.

I’m really looking forward to the bulk bank rec feature – confirming PayPal feeds is a bit tedious.

Keep up the good work.

Andrew Butel
8 September 2009 #

I overlooked another enhancement we made this morning. In bank rec, you can now search for invoices by invoice number and reference as well as by customer name and amount.

Adrian Pearson
8 September 2009 #

Another great step forward guys, thanks!

On the subject of what users might rank highest on their “wish list”, can I suggest that you start using something like Alternatively, we have a wish list section in the forums at

Wayne Robinson
21 September 2009 #

It would be great if we could have a payment allocation interface that is almost identical to the one used in the bank reconciliation screen for other allocations.

To easily allocate a large cheque to 20-30 invoices at the moment, it would require us to deposit the cheque and then use the bank reconciliation screen at which point we are at least 24 hours behind and the payment may get incorrectly allocated due to incorrect matching as all the source documentation that would’ve been in front of the receivables person when they were handling the cheque for the first time is not in front of them any more.

David Kime
24 September 2009 #

Here Here Wayne R – desperate for this feature

[…] number of our most asked for requests (see What’s on top) are around more flexible invoicing, so we’ve been chipping away at improvements. These […]

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