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So proud

As you know, Xero started in Wellington, New Zealand. Over the last 10-15 years there has been a very active software development community here. Maybe it’s the weather.

As the Internet and Web 2.0 has taken off we’ve been able to break out and  do things globally. That’s what makes the Internet so cool – success can come from anywhere in the globe.

In the same week our Prime Minister appears on Letterman, our own Dave5 from Ponoko nails the cover of the year …


Dave, we’re all so proud!


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Sam Morgan
27 September 2009 #

Awesome. Well done.

Earl Rudolfo
27 September 2009 #

Way to go Dave! That’s pretty creative!

Catherine Walker
30 September 2009 #

FYI the cover story article is now up on Inc.’s website

John Younger
1 October 2009 #

That’s a fantastic article, well done everyone at Ponoko

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