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Jacqui Jones
8 September 2009 #

The new part payment capability via bank reconciliation is fantastic thank you! Enabling flexibility of part payments just got really easy to manage with a couple of extra clicks along the way in my favourite aspect of Xero – speedy bank reconciliation. Excellent.

8 September 2009 #

Awesome, great work. I’ve been looking forward to this feature for a long time.

John Ballinger
8 September 2009 #

Thanks for this, the old way this was done took “soooooo” long and was prone to error. The new solution looks really nice. Thanks, John.

5 October 2009 #

The part payment capability should be brought with some more improvement. Now this receipts are showing in three parts in the bank book. It is 80,20,100. The actual bank statement will show 100,100 instead, preferably both bank statement and bank book should be identical. It should also allow to receive advances from customers which is obvious for any type of business especially at this time of downturn where any business prefer to secure the inward payment in advance.

21 February 2013 #

Excellent, perfect advice thanks.

11 May 2013 #

Can anyone tell my why I don’t have the Split option as part of the ‘find & match’ function?

Michael Mori
30 May 2013 #

#Judy. The “Split Payment” is part of your “Find and Match”. See, just remember to tick the box on the invoice you want to part pay, only then does the Split function appear in that line.

8 June 2013 #


This example for CRT:

When you get a CRT receipt, for multiple items under 1 receipt (CRT will break the receipt down for you into statement lines!!!), you add to xero as a normal receipt (scan it in and attach of course) and then marked paid (as, logically, it has been).
Now… when your CRT statement entries come through the auto bank upload…. the fun starts…

Find the “single” payment you entered into Zero and Remove it (NO REALLY!!!!!) as then, and >>>ONLY<<< then, will it let you do a "split" (coming up).

Find the line item that is to be reconciled as PART of the receipt you entered and do "find and match" and find the receipt you previously entered.

Hit SPLIT and enter the amount you want to split off from the receipt… Da Dah! you can now reconcile this "part"… Repeat this process multiple times till your entries have used up your receipt total.

Heaven help you if the Invoice has a discount… you better figure out HOW to handle that discount yourself as it may differ from Org to Org…

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