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Developer Preview – API v2

We’re thrilled to announce that a developer preview of Xero API v2 is now available. Our main aim with this update is to make it quicker and easier to integrate with Xero. Read about the improvements in our Developer Centre.

Most of these improvements are in response to suggestions from our Xero Network Partners and others in our developer community. It’s great to see a number of Xero customers using our API to integrate with their own e-commerce sites and in-house systems too.

To see version 2 of our API  in action check out our API Previewer. 



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Adrian Pearson
10 September 2009 #

This looks really interesting. If I, as a non programmer, wanted to hire someone to work with me to develop applications for Xero, what would I need to be telling the potential employees? By this I mean what are the key competences I need to look for in a Xero Developer?

Do you use .net and MSQL for instance?

Rod Drury
10 September 2009 #

Hi Adrian. One of the cool things about web applications and web services is they are programming language independent. The language really just needs to be able to send and receive XML, which is essentially structured text.

So you can use an modern language. Java, .Net, Ruby on Rails, Cocoa. Experience with web services and XML are probably the key attributes. You should be able to see samples of their work and will soon see if they are competent.

Feel free to shoot us an advert for a Xero API developer and we’ll post it.

Cheers, Rod

John Younger
11 September 2009 #


Rod is quite right about language independency.

If you are going to hire someone, I would urge you to make sure that the person understands accounting, or at least has some experience with accounting systems. I was an accountant before I got into software development 20 years ago, and I am constantly amazed at how bad some of the financial software out there is simply because it was designed and written by people who were smart programmers, but who clearly didn’t know anything about accounting.

Wayne Robinson
14 September 2009 #


I’ve had some experience with the V1.0 of the API and have done quite a bit of work on the open-sourced ruby library for Xero recently so please, feel free to contact me regarding any development projects you would like me to quote.

Adrian Pearson
15 September 2009 #

Rod, John and Wayne – thanks very much for the advice and offers. When I have my disparate musings in some kind of coherent plan, I will be back!

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