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Sharesight and Xero

Accounting for investments can be a real pain for accountants and investors. We’ve been working with a great new company called Sharesight to make this process much easier.

Sharesight is an online share portfolio management service. Our partnership with them means Sharesight users can now automatically upload share investment data into Xero. In essence their Sharesight portfolio can be linked to a Xero account.

Sharesight CEO, Tony Ryburn says a growing number of  accountancy and bookkeeping firms which are using Xero to maintain their clients’ accounting records, are now using Sharesight to manage investments on behalf of their clients.

He says for family trusts and private companies that own shares, linking their online Sharesight portfolio directly to Xero’s online accounting platform gives them the “best of both worlds”.

Watch the video below to see how Sharesight integrates with Xero.


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