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New web content designed for accountants

We’re all about helping accountants to simplify the running of their practice, work with more clients and offer a new range of services that were just not possible until now. As our profile grows among accountants around the world, we thought it might be useful if we created some new content for our website to show in more detail how Xero is designed for accountants.


The feedback from accountants who are setting up their clients in Xero is really encouraging. Here’s what Baubre Murray of Dowse Murray Chartered Accountants had to say:

“We’re confident in our clients using Xero Accountants Edition because there are no worries about backing up or keying errors. Also, it’s cost effective as the subscription will cover a lot of their time that we wouldn’t usually be able to charge for – all that time that we usually spend on tidying up our clients’ books.”

If you’re just starting to look at Xero for your practice, then take a minute (or three) online and find out how Xero can make a difference for you, your staff and your clients.


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Stuart Jones
29 August 2009 #

Having driven 15 miles (twice) in one morning to correct a client’s accounts program I am now committed to SAAS!

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