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KPMG NZ’s online revolution

It’s great to hear what internationally established accounting firms are saying about online accounting.

In KPMG Business Advisory’s latest newsletter, KPMG talks about experiencing ‘something of a revolution’ with online accounting technology, and highlights the benefits to both KPMG and their clients.

“We find that Xero is very user-friendly and well designed for those without specialised accounting skills.”  
KPMG says real-time information and a range of reporting functions distinguish online packages from desktop systems available.

Every week KPMG recommends clients consider online accounting options.


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Hamish Edwards
5 August 2009 #

If you are an accounting partner with Xero or are considering being an accounting partner with Xero, I recommend you read this newsletter by KPMG. They have made some very good observations and provided some real life examples, which may be of use to you.
Hamish Edwards CA PP (Xero)

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