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Xero now on Telstra T-Suite


Telstra is encouraging its small business customers to “take the boredom out of bookkeeping” with the introduction of Xero as part of the T-Suite offering.

T-Suite is Telstra’s Software as a Service platform, offering a range of leading hosted applications and hosted software from Microsoft and McAfee. Through T-Suite, Xero will be available to more than 700,000 of Telstra’s small business customers.

Telstra customers can order and pay for Xero on their T-Suite bill – behind  the scenes we’ve been evolving our Service Delivery Platform to communicate directly with telco billing engines. This is exciting because we see telecommunications carriers as one of the primary sales channels for getting cloud based applications to the large small business and consumer markets.

Telstra, it’s great to be on board!


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12 November 2009 #

Just got sent a swanky brochure from my Telstra account manager and Xero features quite prominently. Nice one.

Graham Russell
24 December 2009 #

Please send me a copy of T-Suite brochure from Telstra and more on Xero features? thank you regards; Graham

Catherine Walker
24 December 2009 #

Hi Graham, I just realised that link to the T-Suite information on the Telstra site was broken – I have updated it now so you should be able to get some basic information and a PDF brochure is available to download from there. Hope this helps.


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