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Hello Sydney

We’ve just held our first Sydney based certification training session for accountants. The feedback was really encouraging with comments like:

“I’ve been waiting for software like this for 10 years!”

“Accounting could not be made simpler – near no effort required.”


 In Sydney 15 accountants and consultants are now Xero Certified. CIB Accountants & Advisors will also train staff at each of their branches to bring clients on to Xero. 

With a growing presence in Sydney we look forward to working with many more accountants!

Photo by Elvvia


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Jac Bowie
22 February 2012 #

Hi Guys
Where can we find a list of trained Sydney accountants so I can book one!

22 February 2012 #

@Jac – all Xero certified partners and advisors are trained – it’s part of their certification. Take a look through the tabs in our directory of Advisors & Services for NSW to find someone.

18 January 2013 #

That link isn’t working anymore. Is there another list somewhere?

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