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API Developer opportunity

With a lot of our core Xero functionality now complete we’re gassing up our Application Programming Interface (API). That’s how other great solutions can connect to Xero.

I’m really excited because I’m allowed to get another person on our team! We need another developer. This role is based at our head office in Wellington, New Zealand – overseas applicants are welcome to apply. The initial focus will be working with other SaaS companies API’s to integrate with Xero. You’ll also get to assist developers from all over the world who are using our API. Ideally you’ll be an intermediate to advanced .NET developer, have a keen interest in REST based APIs and be able to hit the ground running.

I reckon this would be the coolest job you could have as a developer. So drop me a line at network at xero dot com to find out more.


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9 July 2009 #

Yes – this is what we’ve been waiting for. Well done guys!

10 July 2009 #

You should advertise on CVB for this role. Fellow wellington based company!

Adrian Pearson
23 November 2009 #

Have you guys seen “The Small Business Web” at Seems like a great initiative, and one that Xero should be part of?

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