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Xero, on Chrome, on a Mac

A developer build of Google Chrome for Mac OSX was put up today. It’s still a bit raw (e.g. no Flash) but I pulled it down to give it a go.

Chrome is designed to run rich web applications like Xero really fast. I tested in our Budget Manager which is our biggest, slowest, javascriptiest page and it flew.


While there are too many Browsers to support it is exciting to see innovation happening quickly in this space which will make users experience with Cloud applications better and better.


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7 June 2009 #

Feeling the courage. I am installing the Dev version Chrome for Mac right now. Thanks for the injection of confidence.

Tim Lovell-Smith
19 June 2009 #

Maybe all this talk about Chrome is a little too sophisticated. I cite this video I saw today:
“What is a Web Browser?”

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