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Payables. The movie.

While we’ve been working flat out on multi-currency we’ve also managed to surface our first steps in another important area we’ve been working on.  Payables!!!

Payables or creditor processing can be one of the most time consuming activities for businesses.  Today we’ve released the first of a series of upcoming features that will make payables processing a breeze.

Check out the following movie:

Now you can plan when you will pay certain bills and nudge them a few days if you need to. We sat down with lots of businesses and discovered this is often how you work.

Can anyone guess what’s coming next?


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David Hillary
22 June 2009 #

How about export payments of payables to the bank for approval and payment by the bank?

Rod Drury
22 June 2009 #

@David. Correct, bit of work to do but we think this will really save some time.

4 September 2012 #

That’s a slkilufl answer to a difficult question

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