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Biz owners talk about Xero experience

For the third year running Xero attended the Business Expo in Auckland. This year was particularly successful. The Xero stand was a buzz of people telling us how Xero had made their business easier to run because their accounting system was easy to use! Wow…!

I’ve attended each of these Expos, and I have to say, it’s amazing to see how far Xero has come in three years.

Year one was all about explaining the benefits to being online. Year two was about business owners realising the importance of having up-to-date financial information. Year three has been about sharing the stories of how Xero has changed what accounting means to the business owner.

At Xero we are delighted to see it all fall into place. I liken the look of excitement on a Xero customer’s face as they walked up to the stand, to a kid crossing the finish at a Weet-Bix Triathlon!

For those who visited the Xero stand, we take great delight in announcing the winners of a bottle of Moet Champagne and exclusive Xero merlot. 

  • Allen Court from Next Steps
  • Dered Sampson from Zexx
  • Laura Cibilich from Designstein


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