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Jobs, jobs, jobs

After our big week last week we need to grow!

We’re looking for exceptional people to accelerate our business plan in NZ, Australia, the UK and beyond.

We’ll be updating the vacancies more frequently over the next few months.

We are getting lots of applications sent in already.  Here are some tips …

  1. Send us a short resume/CV in pdf format
  2. In your introductory email show us you understand our business and explain how you can help
  3. If you have samples of your work, or links we can check out, send them in
  4. Provide some good referees
  5. Check your google search profile (we will)
  6. Spell check your email

We’re looking forward to having some new smart people join the family.


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16 April 2009 #

Hi Rod,
Great tips, I like point 5 in particular. in Google age, if you are not searchable, you don’t exist.

Miki Szikszai
16 April 2009 #

Cool – I like this and the way you have not gone through the standard channels to find staff (i.e. recruitment companies)

I am in the process of looking for new talent myself and had decided a few days ago to use the personal network. Will use your ideas!


Owen Evans
17 April 2009 #

Oh, and just a couple more tips for those facing interviews everywhere:


Lucy Hempseed
22 April 2009 #

Today we’ve added Interaction Designers to our Careers page. Have a look at or pass the url onto someone you think may be applicable

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