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Javelin CRM integrates with Xero

Javelin is an online CRM that complements Xero giving you the bigger picture about your customers, suppliers and other contacts you do business with. You can use Javelin to keep track of conversations and emails with contacts, leads and sales opportunities, what needs to be done when, and customer support cases.


The team at Javelin have done a great job of using our developer API to give you a complete customer view in a single screen. Changes to customers in Javelin are also automatically applied to Xero to keep details in sync so there is no need to make the change in both systems.

Watch the screencast below to see it all in action.

Javelin & Xero from Javelin on Vimeo.

You can find out more about Javelin and get a 30-day trial by visiting


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Paul Lattimore
16 April 2009 #

I’ve been looking at Salesforce for a while but wanted the Xero integration which no-one there could help me with. Signed up for Javelin this morning – will let you know how I get on.

Duncan Stockdill
16 April 2009 #

Thanks Tony and the team at Xero. Very grateful for your help in integrating Javelin. We’ve been seriously impressed by Xero. It certainly makes accounting easy and more accessible.

And for any SaaS vendors / developers considering integrating with Xero, the API and support team are top notch.

From Duncan the team at Javelin.

@Paul Lattimore, hope you find Javelin useful. We are positioning ourselves as an easier alternative to Salesforce and with a more friendly price tag. Still plenty of flexibility in Javelin to add your own custom fields should you need it. Would be very interested to hear how you get on.

Darryl Collins
29 April 2009 #

Looks very interesting. We are a new Xero customer and are currently using Highrise CRM – I think Javelin’s integration with Xero will encourage us to move across…

7 March 2010 #

I have been a customer of Javelin CRM (now Capsule) for the the last 3 months. I signed up for Capsule simply because of the Xero integration. After 3 months, I have now stopped using Capsule for one reason; I work entirely out of Outlook and find trying to add all my email history using the BBC/dropbox functionality way too time consuming and annoying. If only they could get this somehow automated it would be a fantastic CRM package.

John Garlend
8 March 2010 #

Oh dear. I’m using the fantastic PipeJump at and would never leave it. Hope you integrate with them soon. Any plans for that?

Scott Barrington
8 April 2010 #

i’ve been looking at highrise & capsule, and i think the Xero integration will be what makes us choose capsule

Dave Gardner
27 April 2010 #

Hi John – I really understand you. I’m in the same position. Would love start using Xero and pipejump. Xero – can you throw a word at the pipejump people?

8 September 2011 #

Here’s another vote for integration with PipeJump!

Ronan Quirke
8 September 2011 #

Thanks Sam, Dave & John – we have a forum where we track requests for new product integrations, and I have added an entry for PipeJump:

Feel free to vote for that and your other favourite products you would like to see integrated there.

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