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Surely, you want a better year in business?


We know that 1000s of people are working flat out for the end of this financial year, and perhaps really not thinking too hard about how, or what they will be doing next financial year…but I’d say the time is right to get your new processes and systems in place, and perhaps give yourself a better start to the year.

It’s amazing how many people have joined Xero recently, that actually come from ‘no system’ at all, ie shoebox, Excel or paper, and I’m sure that once people truly see that it can be done better, the better off we will all be.

Generally, it’s at the end of the (financial) year when all the real pain comes to the surface, such as collating all your receipts and trying to remember why you spent that money, and what was it for, do I claim the GST or not?  Digging up your bank statements, and realising you’ve lost one, it won’t matter how far back, or how efficient the online bank statement export is, you know it will still miss the thing that you need.  Finally, sorting through your invoices and realising that you haven’t been paid or worse, that you still have to pay someone. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

We hear constantly from people that have been ‘converted’ to how Xero will change their lives, and why didn’t I start sooner…well, you can.

Leave your Financial New Year’s Resolution below, and say no to running a business in a shoebox.


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Michael Koziarski
26 March 2009 #

This is my second financial year filing straight through xero. Can’t imagine going back to either MYOB or a shoebox with excel.

Martin Ehrenstein
27 March 2009 #

Once I trashed our shoebox and spreadsheet, and moved UP to Xero accountants actually became keen on helping us doing our accounting.

That’s not to say spreadsheets like scalc are bad; in fact they’re great prototyping tools for number crunching, just like Flash and cardboard are for visuals :-) I just can’t understand why some want to run their business on a prototype…

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