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WorkflowMax completes the interface circle

WorkflowMax customers can now push supplier invoices across into Xero as well as their customer invoices. This means you only have to enter your job costs once.

WorkflowMax has a full Purchase Order module built in. When you receipt a Purchase Order against a job and key in the supplier invoice number, the invoice is pushed across seamlessly into Xero as a draft accounts payable invoice. Each line item from the invoice is pushed across with the correct GL codes and Tax rates. Xero will handle all your payments while your Job Costing is taken care of in WorkflowMax. Watch the video here

WorkflowMax’s integration with Xero using our developer API really does make a difference to small business owners and their day to day workflow :

“When we came across WorkflowMax we thought wow – brilliant! We can record exactly how much time is spent on every task and invoice accordingly and our invoices just show up in Xero with all the tracking details. Now it’s so easy for us to see exactly where we’re making money and where we might be losing money – before it’s too late,”

Amy Thomas, Net Potential – Web Designers.


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Galen King
23 February 2009 #

We’ve been using WorkflowMax and Xero together for probably nine months or longer. It’s a great combination—all the job management, time-tracking, billing etc is done in WorkflowMax and all the accounting is done in Xero. In addition, we use iPayroll’s integration with Xero also making it all pretty darn easy!

Mathew Sumpton
23 February 2009 #

Looks interesting. One of the features we miss most from freshbooks is the ability to post ( as in using snail mail) an invoice from within the system. So many clients still prefer a paper invoice and it is great to be able to send them when you are away from the office. I notice one of your competitors is integrating with in the UK – any chance that you guys can have a look at them or something similar ? Keep up the good work.


Andrew Butel
24 February 2009 #

@Mat – thanks for your feedback. We’re looking at few options like viapost because we do appreciate that a lot of businesses still have paper-based systems for processing/paying invoices.

2 November 2009 #

I just tried WorkflowMax…hoping it would be a replacement for Freshbooks. Unfortunately, it is not. I do wish Xero would provide Freshbooks integration…I would jump aboard immediately.

Steve Shepherd
1 October 2010 #

What was missing from WorkflowMax that was in Freshbooks?
I am interested in your comments.
You can contact me at

6 October 2010 #

Our FreshBooks integration was released in November 2009 – apologies we missed following up here – I hope you’ve found it by now. Further information, video & links to Help Centre are in this post FreshBooks a go go

27 June 2011 #

Excuse me if I’m missing something, but is there a way for Workflow to push through invoices as approved, not draft? Would just save us logging into Xero just to approve invoices… an unnecessary step in our case. Thanks!

Gavin George
27 June 2011 #

Xero has only recently (last week) added the ability to created approved invoices via their API so this is something we will definitely be looking to offer as an option in the not too distant future.

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