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Sexy, fun and addictive

People commonly say Xero is sexy and fun, but addictive is a new one…

From Tom Reidy at Catalyst90

Funny went in this morning to reconcile my accounts – had nothing to reconcile and feel really disappointed!!!

I think that Xero should start a support group for people like me that feel they have to click the green buttons, and cry when they can’t!!


A disturbed Tom

Who would have thought accounting to be fun or addictive!

Is it possible that Xero is the only thing in life that’s good for you and sexy and fun and addictive?


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8 January 2009 #

I had to laugh at this – until I think to my own habits and realised that I do the same …

I’m always in playing with reports and seeing what else I can do.

Comes with it being an easy system to learn I suppose …

Paul Lattimore
8 January 2009 #

I remember Rod writing once that it’s OK to love your accounting software, but not “love” your accounting software. Could make for one of those sad docco’s.

8 January 2009 #

Congrats, now when I ‘Google’ “sexy fun addictive” is at top of the list…

8 January 2009 #

Not what I was looking for…

8 January 2009 #

@ Elliot – Thanks I needed a laugh!

[…] its true – Xero is my new […]

10 June 2009 #

Interesting piece of SEO here, Xero.

Sexy, fun, addictive, Xero accounting.

30 July 2009 #

Hmmm.. and I thought I was going to find some answers here… however the laugh was well appreciated! Thank you
I believe Xero has already implemented a support group, you should google it you might find some “real SEX fun which is highly addictive…..” At times like these I just shake my head at google???

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